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Luxury Sailing
Enjoy the Mayan Riviera the way it was meant to be enjoyed, from the beautiful Caribbean coastline. An unforgettable luxury sail aboard the Dralion while being catered to, will make memories of a lifetime. Come sail with us up and down the coast lines of the Riviera Maya where we anchor in one of the most breathtaking private bays with spectacular sights and marine life getting to swim in the beautiful Caribbean ocean.
Sailing Charters
3 Hour Sunset Sailing Charter
5 Hour Sail & Snorkel Charter
8 Hour Full Day Sailing Charter


If you're not satisfied with the set menus on your charter you are welcome to create your own menu. Depending the size of your group you can choose from either the TABLE SERVICE MENU or the BUFFET SERVICE MENU. 

Champagne & Wine

If you are interested in adding Moet Chandon Champagne or any specific wine please let us know and we can have your charter stocked with your favorite beverages. 

- Additional Sailing Menu
2 to 8 people

(Includes salad and a dessert)

Sailing + Dining, Calypso Charters

ham - 

35 USD

20 USD

20 USD

20 USD

2 to 20 people
Sailing & Dining, Calypso Charters
  • Crudités - $5 USD

  • Humus - $5 USD

  • Ham & Cheese Baguette W/ Spanish Chorizo - $5 USD

  • Guacamole - $5 USD

  • Chips & Salsa - $5 USD

  • Fish Ceviche - $8 USD

  • Rib Eye Hamburger - $8 USD

  • Assorted Hams & Cheeses - $10 USD

  • Mixed Ceviche - $10 USD

  • Shrimp Ceviche - $15 USD

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