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Health & Safety

       The world is changing faster than we can imagine, how we used to travel and vacation has changed dramatically. Thats why at Calypso Charters we want to let you know that we have changed with the times and have made your Health & Safety our number one priority. A smart traveler is a safe traveler, whatever activity we choose today needs to have our well being in mind. 

       Calypso Charters is a locally responsable company that has your well being in mind. We take extra care in sanitation, disinfecting all our facilities and snorkeling equipment with the upmost care in hygiene. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not harm the ecosystem. Our vessels are disinfected after every charter with the appropriate cleaning products. Any article that has been handled by humans will be disinfected to guarantee no cross contamination of germs. 




Toilet Seat Disinfecting

Cups and Plates sterilized 

Disinfect all surfaces w/ Bleach

Sterilize Snorkel & Mask with Bleach

Clean Beach Towels after every charter

 Snorkel Mouth Piece Disinfected with UV Light

Antibacterial Gel/ Constant Washing of Hands

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